Through mixed media, I visit memories of past experiences and places I’ve been. Painting for me is emotional, spiritual and very personal.

I am equally passionate working with encaustic as with oil and cold wax mediums. Layers of wax get etched and scraped back to reveal the history of each journey I've traveled. With paint, wax and mark making, I migrate through obstacles of life by navigating them on the canvas. I tend to work in a nonrepresentational style, usually abstracting nature scenes.
The colors, patterns and lines of nature continually inspire me and get translated into my work. Art making continues to feel instinctive, and through the rhythm and movements of this process do I find authenticity.

After receiving a BFA in graphic design from Oregon State University, it took decades of working in the corporate world before I returned to my true passion with painting. Now I channel my design experience into my painting. 


It all started when...

my husband bought me an easel for my first mother's day. It took me four years until I finally used it...after I enrolled in an oil painting class as a refresher. Afterall, it had been over ten years since I'd last touched a paintbrush during my final year in college. The oil class led to enrolling in a week long art camp, filled with learning from some amazing encaustic artists. All it took was that first breath of melting beeswax; I was hooked on encaustic. Since then, I've continued to study under artists I admire to learn new techniques, and to surround my self with a group of inspiring people I've come to call my art tribe.